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[MUSIC] The $50 wyze cam outdoor, is by far the cheapest outdoor security camera I’ve ever tested. So today I’m going to walk you through how to set up,and use wyzes battery powered outdoor camera and help you decide whether or not you should buy it. [MUSIC] When wyze was founded in 2017 There weren’t very many affordable home security cameras that also performed well and had a long list of features. But this startup continues to deliver and this $50 starter bundle is no exception. Out of the box you get the camera itself complete with mounting hardware and a charging cable. You also get a base station with a power cable as well as an ethernet cord that has to be connected to your router. You do need this base station for your camera to work. To set up your camera download the wise app, select Add Device and then select wise cam outdoor. The Apple prompts you to connect the base station first which should only take a couple of minutes before you move on to the camera. Make sure your camera is near your base station and your router And turn the power switch on the back of the camera to on. When the status light turns solid yellow hit the sync button on the bottom of the camera and you’ll hear pairing is in progress. Please wait. Once it connects, that’s basically it. You’re done. From start to finish this process took me less than 10 minutes which is incredible, but Factor in more time if your camera happens to arrive with a drained battery, or if you plan to do a more permanent installation. [MUSIC] Now that your camera is set up where you want it, it’s time to talk about what this camera can Can actually do. If you already have a $20 Wyze Cam or the $30 Wyze Cam pan, expect similar specs and features. With your Wyze Cam Outdoor you get 1080p HD live streaming, motion detection, a customizable motion Detection zone. Night vision two way audio a built in microSD card slot free 14 day cloud storage timelapses and support for Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. The main differences between this camera and Wise’s other models is its weatherproof housing built in rechargeable battery and a feature called travel mode. The battery is supposed to last between three to six months on a single charge, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a removable battery. That means you’ll have to bring the whole camera inside every time you need to charge it, which is pretty inconvenient, especially if you do go without more permanent installation. and it’s along a fence line, or up in a tree, or somewhere else. That’s difficult to get to. It’s also annoying just because there will be a gap of time where the camera isn’t recording what you want it to travel mode as an option that essentially turned your wise cam outdoor into an action cam. So if you go camping or otherwise just want to use your camera outside of the basement Station and your home’s Wi Fi range. You can use a micro SD card to record motion clips and time lapse videos. It isn’t going to deliver the same quality as a GoPro but it’s a fun option that isn’t available with wises Other security cameras otherwise this camera works the same as the others. You get quick motion alerts and can you’ve saved clips for free in the apps Events tab. The app displays how much battery life your camera has left so you have a heads up before your camera dies. Overall the wise cam outdoor is a really good cameras [MUSIC] Takes the best parts of wises existing cameras and puts them in a weatherproof battery powered camera. I don’t like that you can’t remove the battery to charge it but for 50 bucks I’m not really mad about it the two weeks of free cloud storage and built in microSD card slot give this cheap camera even more value and the addition of features like time lapses and travel mode make the wise cam outdoor, even more compelling Definitely consider it if you are looking for an affordable auto camera that is easy to set up and even easier to use. Thanks for watching this video, if you did like please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see that on you tube or don’t. It’s up to you.


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