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Stealing The Rights To Games 🔽 The National Film and Television School is forcing Game Dev students to pay the school a percentage, because the school says they own the IP rights NFTS, has been asking students that wanted to finish the games they worked on while they were enrolled at the school to pay the school 1200 pounds per game to buy back the intellectual property for the work they produced. So, if you’re a student at NFTS and you try to finish and sell a game that you worked on while you were in school, the school would make you pay them a lump sum. If you choose not to pay the buy-out fee, your other option is to pay the school 7 and a half percent of all revenue generated by your game indefinitely. Written, Edited, & Narrated by Brax of CryMor Gaming ► Use Tag "CRYMOR" on the Epic Games Store
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