Second stimulus checks very likely video – CNET

The ingenuity and spirit of American small business is impossible to overstate. They still face a tough road, with a majority of businesses expected to exhaust their initial paycheck protection funding this summer will also be proposing a targeted second round of the PPP with a special cord Hard hit businesses. And speaking of building on what worked in the Cares Act we want another round of direct payments. Direct payments to help American families keep driving our national comeback. Helping to create more American jobs is an urgent moral priority. And these are just some of policies we’re discussing that will help that happen. In addition to kids and jobs, our third major focus is healthcare. The reason is obvious. If we lose control of the virus, or research stalls, then everything else will be window dressing. Our proposal will dedicate even more resources to the fastest race for a new vaccine in human history. Along with diagnostics, and treatments. Our bill will also protect seniors from a potential spike in premiums. And the federal government will continue to support hospitals, providers and testing.


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