Animal Crossing: New Horizon adds dreaming, island backup on July 30 – CNET

Nearly a month after Animal Crossing: New Horizons added swimming, its second free Summer Update arrives this Thursday. The update will add dreaming, fireworks shows and an island backup and restoration service to the beloved Nintendo Switch game.

If you lie on the bed in your home, you’ll be able to take a nap and have a dreamy encounter with tapir Luna (previously seen in New Leaf on 3DS). She’ll let you visit other islands in a dream, and allow you to open your own island to fellow dreamers. Nothing you do during the dream visit is saved — this version of the island is apparently just a mirror of the real one — so people won’t be able to ruin your island during their subconscious adventures.

The fireworks shows will happen at 7 p.m. each Sunday in August, and you can add custom design patterns to personalize them. You can also enter a raffle run by Redd (who’s apparently expanding beyond questionable art dealings) to win festive items. 

The most practical addition is the island backup and restoration service, which lets Nintendo Switch Online subscribers upload their island and save data to be uploaded to the cloud. If you lose or damage your Switch, you should be able to recover your island (as long as the backup feature has been enabled).

Nintendo also teased a fall update with a cute little pumpkin, hinting that island life will get a little spooooooky later this year.  

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