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Amazon logo in India
Cars and bikes are eligible for Amazon auto insurance.
Bloomberg/Getty Images

From the homely days of selling books online, to nearly anything you can imagine, Amazon offers an incredible number of products and services these days. Add car insurance to the list these days, too.

Well, at least that’s the case in India. Amazon announced Thursday it will now offer auto insurance in the country through a partnership with Acko General Insurance. In typical Amazon fashion, it’s supposed to be pretty seamless and quick, and Prime members earn exclusive discounts.

The insurance service runs through Amazon Pay, and those who decide Amazon auto insurance is right for them pay for the policy via their Amazon Pay balance. Any card on file with Amazon Pay can handle the purchase, too.

The company promised “hassle free” claims with zero paperwork involved and three-day claim servicing. In some Indian cities, Amazon will even offer instant cash settlements for “low-value claims” to up the convenience factor.

Whether Amazon plans to expand its insurance offerings to other countries isn’t clear. There’s no mention of expanding the service yet, and the company didn’t immediately return Roadshow’s request for comment.


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